Dear Press,

 I am happy to announce, another announcement.  See what I did there.  IMPOSSIBLE you might say.  For the past week, INDIE-POCALYPSE has gained some pretty decent exposure.  So that is why we planned for this event.
The DLC Pack includes 9 more games to the bundles contest.  Making it a total of 41 games being given away to 1 lucky winner and a fraction of those games given away to multiple entrants.
In case you missed the press release last week, here is a link to the physical press release.  LINK
The rules of entry are all still the same in the press release from last week.
I have also attached images of both the INDIE-POCALYPSE and DLC Pack.
List of new games added:
We hope that you can find time to report this and throw us a link back.
We appreciate your time and patience.


Dear Press,

Note: Please read the 3rd Entry for the contest carefully. In the article it must say your twitter handle and the link to your article. It will lift confusion as we are hosting the giveaway.  
 Please replace the @BludWorks and link, to your Twitter Handle and Link to your article if you are the one posting it.  This is so people know where the information is coming from.

Thank you for your time. 

I am happy to announce the INDIE-POCALYPSE GIVEAWAY for the Xbox Live Indie Games! Currently Xbox Live Indie Developers do not have the ability to do a “Bundle”. We thought it would be very awesome to take a different approach on the situation and try to make it a regular thing.
This contest is asked to be hosted on several media sites such as yours. The contest is simple, all you have to do is post about it, and we’ll take care of the rest.
In the bundle we have over 20+ games and different bundle prizes to give away with a fraction of those games, which will include smaller amounts of the games. Thus making it a 2nd prize, 3 prize and so on. There will also be separate games given away at the end of the contest. We had a lot of token donations for all of these games from the developers, we would like to give them away to the community!
The contest will run from Saturday March 24th 2012 to April 7th 2012
Few of the games that are going to be featured in the bundle and are not yet released are called Positron, A BAND and 48 Chambers and will be sent to the winners directly from the development studio themselves when the they release. There might be additional games being added throughout the bundle, so to make it easier to post all the games, you can copy and paste below of all the games included in the bundle, all hyperlinked.
The trailer also gives a first time video visuals of A Band the Game and 48 Chambers that have never been released.
Want to host the trailer yourself? Here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE
Our website: Blud Works
Our Twitter: @BludWorks
Rules of the contest:
  • Gain entry into the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big bundle – Download 7 trials of the (GAMES LISTED) and take a pictures of proof and send it to our email with the subject (INDIE-POCALYPSE). You can gain an additional entry if you include 7 more trials and pictures of proof. (Download History on or take a snap shot of it on your dashboard)
  • Another entry to the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big Bundle Donate to our choice of charity at KCENTSTUDIOS Mercy Children’s Hospital and send us an email at with subject “Charity Entry” with your name and proof of donation. Do not include sensitive personal information.
  • Gain entry into the Wittle bundles – They must tweet out “I want to win the #XBLIG Wittle Bundle @BludWorks #WittleIndiePocalypse”
  • Another Entry in the Wittle bundles – Send an email telling us your favorite Xbox Indie Game and take a picture of you playing it to with subject ‘Wittle Bundle Pic’

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email. We hope to be working again with all of you in the future.
List of games:

About BludWorks:

Over the past year BludWorks has been working with indie developers on either improving their games, giving critique feedback, offering advice, giving references to artists/composers , making trailers for low budget developers, and creating a strong community. BludWorks is currently a 2 person team, Daniel who works with the press releases and Ryan who works with the media/community side of indie games. We hope to work with you in the future.

Name the XBLIG Bundle Giveaway

The post says it all. Pick a name or name your own. Even if the names are chosen get high enough and I see a suggestion for a better one, I will add it to the list for voting. Make it insane, catchy, and don’t forget ridiculous. Also, make a slogan for the XBLIG Giveaway as well. We want as much community support on this as possible. VOTE NOW OR SUGGEST YOUR OWN!
Also, this is not a VVGtv giveaway, this is going to be through other sites as well.

The Plan

Well I have waited long enough to tell you. I really would like to start working with independent developers and their creations.  Although the whole concept of being an independent developer is to think and create independently based on your ideas.   But let’s be honest, sometimes those ideas fall through and don’t get as much reception as you wanted it to.  Whether it be your games design, controls, gameplay, sound quality, and visuals.  No matter what the issue is, you seem to get community feedback on your title and try to find a way to work around those issues with your game. It still doesn’t fix that you didn’t make those sales numbers you were expecting.

I started Blud Works on many reasons and will try to explain it more as we reach that time.   Originally Blud Works was looking to hire a developer to work with on a game idea together, and would be using kickstarter to fund this possibility. With some community feedback from my fellow peers, they didn’t think it was a good idea to hire an “Indie” Developer for the reason as they want to create their own game on their own vision.  This is respected and I gave this to them.  There isn’t really an issue with this point, but I would like to put some things in perspective.  There have been a lot of speculations on what you call an independent developer.  Let’s look at a few points.

Define Indie Games:

  1. Indie Developers work alone on their own ideas
  2. Indie Developers do not hire a mainstream publisher or a publisher for that matter.
  3. Indie Developers sometimes can have a studio of 1-4 people (Thus defeating the purpose of the word independent) Still an argument for many, but all of them together work on an idea for their game and contribute something to the project, keeping it independent and not having to rely on the big guy.
  4. AAA Indie Developers get offered for funding for their projects by publishers or the distributor to make their title possible because the interest of the title has captured interest.

All of these points are arguments of what an Indie Company/Studio/Developer is.  Now on to what I want to offer as now starting BludWorks.  Many of you know me because I run as a journalist and I review your titles and/or talk about them via twitter and facebook, trying to gain more exposure to the titles.  You may also know that I run a Game Trailer service on the page over at VVGtv. The trailer service will now be migrating to this site. Reason being, some of the confusion from the community, thinks we are a resource for independent developers.  I want to lift this confusion, also we will be bringing in new features here too.

  • Voice Over Work (Free Work) – Male Voice
  • Trailer Service (Moving Here still remains to be $20.00USD)
  • Helping with Design (Advice and Contributing to your project) [Free Service]
  • Helping with Press releases (You can have us send out press releases and handle requests) in turn you should use Blud Works logo in your game.  [Free Service]
  • Direct and Honest feedback of where your title stands (Sometimes putting your game into playtesting can be a competitive field and can sabotage your game and its output)  We can also get private community feedback if you do not wish to disclose so much information to the public, I have few colleagues that would love a chance to give you some feedback.  [Always Free]

Well this post was rather long don’t ya think? It brought some good points.  I hope to work side by side with you in the near future.  Everyone needs a little help.  We aren’t here to destroy your creation, we are here to help it.  If you would like to get in contact with me, contact for your inquiry.  I hope to hear from you soon!

More Information

Hi all! Glad you could come visit us here today! Tomorrow February 26th 2012 we will have more information on what BludWorks will actually do and contribute.